It is situated at the southeast of Mallorca island and constitutes one of the best conserved natural area of the mediterranean sea. It was declared national park both terrestrial and marine in 1991 due to its exceptional natural value. More than 10 000 ha. are protected, of which 1318 correspond to the island and the rest to the sea.

The main objective of the park is to protect the marine and terrestrial flora and fauna. The Cabrera waters excel by its great transparency that contributes to the development of important marine communities. The bottoms are varied, with high sand extensions, rocks and cliffs with caves that offer many habitats for the marine flora.

There is also one extensive prairie of Posidonia oceánica, endemic marine plant of the shores.



The Posidonia sp. oxigenates the water preserving the marine bottoms and beaches from erosion.

The diving permission is asked in advance and only 3 boats a day are granted. Therefore, reservation is to be made at least 3 days prior to the dive. Two dives are done for each trip which is organized to include at least six divers.

There are various dive sites in the island, the site in which the dive is carried out depends mostly on the weather and the situation of the area, of which also considers the presence of marine life.

Departure time is 8:30 in the morning and divers are advised to be at the center at least 30 minutes before. Arrival is usually around 2:30 in the afternoon when sea is at it´s favorable condition.